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About Us

A wealth of knowledge and expertise in the maritime industry

W.J.Parnis England was established by Major William John Parnis England in 1899. We have since developed into one of island’s leading ship agencies and maritime services providers, Bimco members since 1936 (one of the oldest Bimco members world wide) and well respected in the international shipping community.

Since our foundation, we have diversified into other business activities, including manufacturing and trading – making us one of the largest commercial enterprises in Malta. We’ve represented many leading international shipping lines throughout our history.

Our head office has been located in the heart of Valletta since our establishment, and we’ve opened branch offices in other localities and developed international partnerships worldwide.

With over a century’s experience we have built up a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the maritime industry.

Our primary services

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Company structure

We are the 4th generation of a family owned and run business, with each family member actively involved in the daily running of the organisation.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide superior transportation services in response to our customer needs. Our goal is to be an ever vital and prosperous business providing an innovative, productive and rewarding environment for our people; real value for our customers and suppliers. We are guided by the following basic principles:

Customer focused

Customers and their requirements are the ultimate focus of all our business activities

Strong link

Providing a strong link in our customer supply chain is vital to our business

Quality in service

Quality in service is our first priority


Our people provide the strength energy and essential resource to ensure the business succeeds

Employee involvement

Trust, recognition and teamwork, drive, personal growth, contribution and accomplishment

Continuous improvement

Continuous improvement is our way of life, change is valued for the competitive opportunities that it presents


The value created for our customers and suppliers is a prerequisite to the continual generation of value for our enterprise

Critical appraisal

Critical appraisal of the competitive environment is essential for our ongoing success

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