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Malta Shipyards

Commercial services have been provided by the shipyards since 1960

Malta Shipyards is made up of Malta Dry Docks, Malta Shipbuilding Company Limited, Manoel Island Yacht Yard Limited and Malta Shipyards Tank Cleaning Station. Commercial services have been provided by the shipyards since 1960.

W.J.Parnis England Ltd has over the years gained experience in assisting owners with obtaining quotations from Malta Shipyards for all types of vessels/services calling the facilities ranging from painting, steel works and other general repairs. We offer the full range of husbandry services, provision of parts, supplies and all ancillary services required by owners during the repair operations.

Other private owned ship repair yards and facilities including a floating dock operating in port of Valletta, and W.J.Parnis England Ltd is well connected with these firms to assist owners in contracting the required repair jobs.

Malta Shipyards specialises in:
  • Ship Repairs
  • Conversions
  • Off-Shore
  • Fabrication
  • Super Yachts

Specifications of Dry Docks

The specification (Length, Breadth and Draught) of the seven dry docks available at Malta Shipyards, additional berths are available for repairs that do not require the vessel to enter a dry dock.

Dock No Length Breadth Draught
No 1 154m 18m 3.65m
No 2 170m 25m 8.83m
No 3 140m 18m 8.83m
No 4 262m 40m 8.83m
No 5 216m 27m 8.53m
No 6 360m 62m 9.14m
No 7 98m 35m 3.03m

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